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Winter 2018

I dance to be free, whether it be in a studio, on a stage, or even between aisles at a supermarket. Since the age of six, I have dedicated late nights, long weekends, and precious holidays to accumulate a wide variety of techniques. Misty Copeland is one of my many inspirations. To be a ballerina like her for a day was a dream come true, and I am so thankful that I was chosen to be a scholarship recipient for living a dream. Thanks to Celebrity Scholarship, I have extra money to put towards my college education. I will be majoring in Dance at Fordham University. With the acquired training and knowledge I attain from Fordham, I hope to join a dance company and gain performance, choreography, and teaching experience. Thank you, Celebrity Scholarship for getting me one step closer to my dream.

Kayla TKayla T. as Misty Copeland (video)

— Kayla T.



Fall 2017

I had a great time putting together the video for Celebrity Scholarship.  At first, it was just something fun to do with the possibility of helping me through school.  As we worked on the video with the music and interviews and all the takes that didn’t make it, I had more and more fun with it.  I thank you for the opportunity to participate in the competition. It blows me away that I won, looking at all of the other entries.  The prize will go to a great use in helping me toward an engineering degree at Mississippi State University.

Chase A34 Ryan A. as Harry Styles (video)





— Ryan Chase A.


I am just a girl with a dream.  The dream to become a beloved high school theatre teacher.  I started on my journey to achieve that dream last year when I transferred from a community college to a university.  It’s been a tough transition. I moved to another state, became fiscally responsible for myself for the first time, and had to adapt to life in a new space.  I had been racking my brain, trying to figure out how I was going to pay for my education, housing, food, etc., without going into extreme debt. I decided to look for scholarships online.  I started off with the ones that required essays, but that got boring really quick. I found the celebrity scholarship, and I thought it would be fun to enter! I didn’t think I would win, but with the help of my “God given talents”, I did!  The reason I chose to portray Gene Simmons is more than just having a long tongue. It makes me think of simpler times when my dad and I would jam out to KISS music in the car. Also, as a theatre education major, I enjoy becoming different characters.  Thanks to this scholarship, the financial hardships will be lessened, and I will be one step closer to inspiring students to see the joys of the arts.

Adrianne L25 Adrianne L. as Gene Simmons


— Adrianne L.


Celebrity Scholarship allowed me to be someone different than myself and receive a scholarship for it.  Little did I know that three years ago a costume party would allow me to win money for college. Writing essays can be so long and boring, but I was able to show my creative side and Celebrity Scholarship rewarded me for it.   Thank you so much, Celebrity Scholarship!

Benjamin S14 James S. as Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy

— James S.



Summer 2017

Each semester at James Madison University, I have juggled high course loads, extracurricular activities, dance performances, and two jobs to support myself through these wonderful opportunities. While I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have had at JMU, as each semester begins it is very stressful trying to figure out how I can afford to continue my education here. Thanks to the Celebrity Scholarship, I am able to enjoy my Junior year a little bit more as this aid will greatly help me to pay for this upcoming semester. I have completed so many scholarship applications and written so many essays, it was exciting to get to do something fun in hopes of winning aid for college. As you can see in the gallery, I chose to impersonate Emma Watson for this contest. Emma Watson is a great role model for young women, reminding us that we can do anything we set our minds to, whether that be casting spells or graduating from an Ivy League. I would like to thank Miss Watson for being my inspiration for this competition. I would also like to thank the scholarship committee at Celebrity Scholarship for not only granting me this award but also for giving me a reason to stop working for a little while and have fun dressing up! Thanks for everything!

Katherine M08 Katherine M. as Emma Watson (video)

—Katherine M.


Spring 2017

When I saw the Celebrity Impersonation Scholarship, I was so excited because I did not have to write any long, boring essays. Once I began brainstorming for the impersonation video, my sister came up with the idea of impersonating Kim Kardashian as she is a huge fan of her show. So, I got out the black hairspray and got into character! It was such a blast making the video and the more and more we filmed, the more ideas and jokes I came up with. Now I look back on the video and I can not stop laughing.Thanks again Celebrity Scholarship for helping further my college education, this means a lot to me!

Ava J Ava J. as Kim Kardashian

—Ava J.