If you are looking for an inspiration, you are at the right place! Check out some of our previous applicants: 

 WINTER 2018

Alexius H. as Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas

Amanda F. as Bianca Del Rio

Caroline H. as Post Malone

Elias R. as Marvin Gaye (video)

Hailey R. as Taylor Swift

Gian M. as Cosmo Kramer

Jacob B. as John Krasinski

Kaitlyn S. as Eva Green's Miss Peregrine

Josiah C. as Ludacris

Liam B. as Donald Trump

Anne O. as Veronica Sawyer (Heathers) (video)

Lino R. as Glenn Danzig

Kayla T. as Misty Copeland (video)

Michayla S. as Elsa

Naomi W. as Daisy Ridley (video)

Rosamaria P. as Lana Del Rey

Payton J. as Elvis Presley

Tanner D. as Steve Irwin

Alexandria N. as Boo (Monsters Inc.)

Anthony S. as Klay Thompson

Burlyn A. as Michelle Obama

Emma V. as Selena Gomez

Erin F. as Troye Sivan

Hannah D. as Miranda Sings

Jarod C. as Don Knotts (video)

Jamal E. as Oscar the Fish (Shark Tale)

Jamal H. as Al B. Sure

Lashawn G. as Alicia Keys

Anna L. as Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby)

Logan S. as Scooby Doo (video)

Latricia W. as Whitney White (Naptural85)

Kyla H. as Taylor Swift

Natalie S. as Miranda Sings (video)

Tyona B. as Lupita Nyong’o

Nicole S. as Tyler Joseph

Taylor D. as Bruno Mars

Renee T. as Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts)

Areya K. as Emma Stone's Olive (video)

Anna P. as Shay Mitchell

Alyssa K. as Marilyn Monroe

Mustapha T. as Russell Westbrook

Briana E. as Beyoncé

Giovanni M. as John Travolta

Jaya S. as Harley Quinn

Ethan D. as Marty McFly (Back to the Future)

Isaac W. as Will Smith

Jessica V. as Cinderella (video)

Lauren N. as Electra Heart (Marina Diamandis)

Mariah A. as Kendall Jenner

Mishelle L. as Post Malone (video)

Keonay W. as Jinxx

Rawan S. as Rosie the Riveter

Sarah S. as Pedro Sanchez

Shaylyn S. as Rihanna

William P. as Psy

Roman G. as Multiple Celebrities (video)

Ally J. as Lindsey Stirling (video)

Averie F. as Gwen Stefani

Cecilia F. as Ariana Grande

Chloe R. as Amber Heard

Desiree O. as Tyra Banks

Hollie M. as Katie Ledecky

Jennifer J. as Hillary Clinton

Hayley F. as Christina Aguilera (video)

Haley L. as Post Malone

Katherine G. as Rosie the Riveter

Maggie N. as Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively)

Lauren M. as Adele (audio)

Moira D. as AC/DC's Angus Young

Paeton R. as Beetlejuice

Brianna B. as Lana Del Ray

Shona D. as Oprah Winfrey

Wendy W. as Alessia Cara



FALL 2017

Daryl W. as Metro Boomin

Lauren W. as Janelle Monae (video)

Kailynn D. as Beyoncé

Trinity M. As Rihanna (video)

Carmen M. as Janet Jackson

Janahi C. as Selena Quintanilla

Selena N. as Selena Quintanilla (video)

Salem T. as Shari Headley’s Lisa McDowell

Denise C. as Michael Jackson (video)

Julia A. as Jennifer Lawrence (video)

Anna K. As Meghan Markle

Dana P. as Audrey Hepburn (video)

Marco M. as Clark Kent

Adrianne L. as Gene Simmons

Millenia C. as Rihanna (video)

Kristina F. as Taylor Swift (video)

James S. as Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy

Arik L. as President Donald Trump (video)

Janiffer H. as Madelaine Petsch

Cana S. as Lady Gaga

Kelly L. as Augustus of Prima Porta

Jean Pierre A. as Chance the Rapper (video)

Megan R. as Taylor Swift

Timothy T. as Martin Lawrence

Alycia P. as Vanessa Hudgens

Victoria W. as Marie Provost

Charles C. as Jimmy Fallon (video)

Brandy M. as Jason Alexander's George Costanza

Gian-Soren M. as Fred Rogers (video)

Grace T. as Russell Brand

Aisling T. as Sinead O Connor

Sophie M. as Marilyn Monroe (video)

Adrianna C. as Beyoncé

Kemistri B. as Gabrielle Union

Stacy A. as Rihanna (video)

Rianna E. as Ariana Grande

Anastasia S. as Owen Wilson (video)

Daria V. as Katie Leung's Cho Chang (video)

Ryan Chase A. as Harry Styles (video)

Libby S. as Hermione Granger (video)




Nelcy R. M. as Zendaya Coleman

Amber B. as Janis Joplin

Kaitlyn Q. as Jennifer Lopez

Samantha M. as Logic (video)

Ariana A. as Slash

Alessandra M. as Melanie Martinez

Emely R. as Lady Gaga

Joseph Y. as Mel Gibson’s William Wallace (video)

Angel A. as Logic

Ishita K. as Kylie Jenner (video)

Claire F. as Tina Fey

Clayton Z. as Vladimir Putin

Jonathan B. as Gucci Mane

Yolanda W. as Beyoncé

Jenna B. as Marilyn Monroe (video)

Emilia Z. as Barbie

Grant W. as President Donald J. Trump (video)

Mia K. as Zooey Deschanel

Jessica V. as Lucille Ball (video)

Alexis C. as Beyoncé

Elisa G. as Meagan Good

Michael S. as King Kong (video)

Abigail M. as Lana Del Ray

Kelani P. as Yulia Zagoruychenko

Ishana W. as Tatyana Ali

Amanda W. as Colleen Ballinger’s Miranda Sings

Amanda M. as Steve Irwin (video)

Arielys R. as Derek Jeter (video)

Zoie P. as Kylie Jenner

Cecilia Z. as Sir Paul McCartney

Grant R. as Shailene Woodley

Faryal M. as Luis Scola

Katherine M. as Emma Watson (video)

Mario N. as Tom Cruise

Mikayla M. as Justin Timberlake (video)




Kayla M. as Arianna Grande

Ava J. as Kim Kardashian (video)

Gabriel A. as Brendan Fraser

Joseph K. as President Richard Nixon (video)

Jessica R. as Emma Watson

David B. as Heath Ledger's Joker

Mahogany B as Alicia Keys

Mahogany B. as Alicia Keys

Arabia S. as Gabrielle Union

Danielle D. as Olivia Newton John

Nazareth F. as Frida Kahlo

Janeth S. as Anna Kendrick (video)

Jenny L. as Sarah Palin (video)

Haylee P. as Tyrannosaurus Rex

Vega I. as Team Rocket

Shania M. as Carrie Underwood

Jessica V. as Barbra Streisand (video)

Holly B. as Kendall Jenner

Sierra T. as Mariah Carey and Various Artists (video)